About Us

About Us

Think Outs are a group of people who have come together to make a meaningful difference in the world.

We’re a training, coaching and consultancy company who find new and different solutions to entrenched problems and emerging challenges.

We specialise in supporting high intensity use and social prescribing workers to deliver effective and sustainable services. High intensity refers to the effort and energy we put into people.



How we Work

We think out – outside traditional boundaries to find win-win solutions

We listen hard – to the problem we’re trying to solve and then listen some more

We speak out – have bold conversations well, always acting with grace

We dig deep – to find solutions where others aren’t looking

We step up – committed and approachable, especially when fear or pressure hits

We are ourselves – authentic, curious, energetic, flexible, kind and brave

Think Outs™ Founders

Think Outs’ founders, Rhian Monteith and Sue Wallis are two bright, colourful women who don’t need to shout loud to be heard. We are authentically us, build brilliant relationships, and bring out the best in others spontaneously.



Rhian Monteith



A brave spirit who absolutely loved her 20 years working as an advanced paramedic in the ambulance service. “Having taken the skills I’ve learnt to different parts of Africa to serve some of the most deprived, yet incredibly resilient people, I have a feeling they taught me more than I taught them. Now, I want to gather all I’ve learnt to make a meaningful difference in the world.”

With a reputation as a creative thinker who relishes a seemingly intractable problem, Rhian is deeply respected in her field and an inspiration to many. Her pioneering work to design and deliver an innovative and compassionate approach to the care and support of people who make high intensity use of services has been mandated in the NHS in England.

Rhian’s innovation and dedication to her work was recognised in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List 2021 with the award of a British Empire Medal. 

Sue Wallis

A northern soul with as much energy as her cocker spaniel (well almost) who has contagious enthusiasm and does everything with zeal!

With over 30 years’ experience in communications, stakeholder management and large scale change, Sue has a natural talent for seeing the bigger picture, joining the dots that are not always visible to others, and then solving problems laterally.

A real ‘people-person’ with a big heart, Sue excels in building and maintaining relationships that inspire people through the most difficult challenges to effect meaningful change.

Rhian and Sue are joined by a team of associates selected for their ground level experience providing high intensity user and social prescribing services.
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