High Intensity User Solutions

Transforming Lives and Reducing Activity

If the phrases ‘revolving door’, ‘regular attenders’ or ‘frequent callers’ make your heart sink, then you’ve come to the right place.

We delight in the differences between people whilst recognising that if individuals don’t fit into a traditional box, it can be hard for both the individual and the organisation.

By putting people first and identifying what matters to them, we help organisations find a ‘win-win’ way to move forward with, what is often, a small group of individuals who have more ‘contacts’ than expected – making your organisation more efficient.

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A different Approach that Works

Think Outs™ founder, Rhian Monteith, pioneered a different approach to addressing the needs of ‘high intensity users’ of services.

An approach, so successful, that it was adopted by NHS England and is the winner of a prestigious Kate Granger award for compassionate care.

With Rhian as its clinical lead, and Think Outs’ proven ‘Switch Model™’ at its heart, NHS England’s high intensity user (HIU) programme is currently live in over 90 areas of the country.

Impressive Results by doing the Right Thing

A determined focus on addressing individual’s needs leads to impressive results, up to:


Reduction in activity across A&E and Emergency Admissions


Reduction in emergency service calls

More importantly, individuals are reconnected with purpose, friends, family and community

How we can Help

Accident & Emergency Units

Reducing costs by reducing attendances, ambulance conveyances and associated admissions

GP / healthcare professional services

Increasing capacity & reducing chances of staff burnout by changing mindsets to change behaviour.

Emergency services – police, fire or ambulance

Improving response times by reducing repeated 999 and 111 calls and associated call outs

Telephone contact centres

Improving efficiency by shortening call times, reducing repeated calls and call handlers’ chance of burnout

Complaints services

Improving case handling by active listening to prevent escalation and improve staff resilience.

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How do we do it

The Think Outs’ Switch Model™ offers a creative and innovative approach to challenging mindsets and supporting individuals. It leads to positive shifts in behaviour and culture, transforming lives and reducing resource use.

It wakes people up and then keeps them awake – the key to our impressive and sustainable results.

Training for Impact

Think Outs is the leading provider of high intensity users training across England. Based on the Switch Model™, it equips people with the skills and tools to support individuals and achieve the desired impact, without overcommitting or burning out.

A blend of workshop, mentoring, teaching webinars and coaching support offers an optimum approach for the development of sustainable services and well-supported, resilient staff.
Our experience and passion in this field is contagious. Our clients are keen to recommend us to their neighbours to share their impressive results.

Read more about our training, mentoring and coaching programme here


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High Intensity User Solution

Watch, Think Outs’ founder, Rhian Monteith explaining a High Intensity User solution for the health service as a good news story on the Russell Howard Hour.