ONE in SIX employees will experience mental ill-health this year. And that’s costing employers £45bn a year, never mind the cost to the individuals who are suffering, their family and friends.

But how do we know who the ONE is going to be?

The simple answer is that, we don’t!

We rarely know who, how and when life’s events will result in employees experiencing mental ill-health, We all know people who cope better with change than others, some who roll with the punches and those that find life much more difficult. But even those most able to manage, can experience an event or series of events that push them to the edge.

We decided that prevention is much better than cure so we wanted to develop a solution that everyone can use – and the result was the Switch Model Online Training Course. It’s suitable for everyone – team leaders, apprentices, the Chief Exec and the board. It allows organisations to focus on the 6 in 6, not the 1 in 6 and thereby reduce the burden of employee mental ill-health.

Switch helps you skill up your entire workforce to predict, prepare for and navigate life’s inevitable twists and turns so everyone can make their best possible contribution at work and home. How good is that?!