Public Speaking and Media

Speak Out

If you are looking for an inspirational speaker for your conference or event, then Rhian may be your woman!  With a big heart, northern humour and charisma by the bucket load, Rhian can inspire your staff or delegates to be their best selves.

Popular topics include:

  • Goodbye to imposter syndrome
  • How to develop a positive ego
  • Intractable problems – there ain’t no such thing
  • Don’t rob Peter to Pay Paul – how to create ‘win-wins’
  • Modern day leadership – first break all the rules!
  • Entrepreneurship – be brave, just start
  • Discovering what drives us
Media Contributions

Media savvy, real and charismatic, we can help with media contributions relating to:

  • high intensity use of services
  • investing in people
  • lowering stigma
  • looking out for each other.
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