Training, Coaching and Mentoring

Helping People be their Best Selves and Preventing Burnout

We know first-hand that frontline roles, whether primarily face-to-face or phone-based, can be extremely challenging.

To combat this, we’ve been delivering classroom training, mentorship and personal coaching support to High Intensity Use Leads, Link Workers, GP Practices, Primary Care Networks, 111 services, call centres, and police forces up and down the country with some brilliant results.

Our reputation for high quality, human support has seen our business grow through recommendation as high intensity use and social prescribing services, in particular, have expanded across the country.

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Accredited Training on the Switch Model™

Our experience in this field helped us develop the Switch Model™, a kind, person-centred approach to changing mindsets and supporting individuals that leads to positive switches in behaviour.

Our Switch Model™ training provides the tools and techniques to help connect with, and improve the lives of, some of the most complex and vulnerable people in our society.

And it starts with the principle that to alter people’s behaviour, we must start by questioning our own beliefs and attitudes.

Celebrating Difference, Improving Resilience

Training in the Switch Model™ gives workers the confidence, skills and techniques to offer a wider range of solutions to individuals.

We excel at helping people shape responses based on what people want and need to live healthy lives.

Application of the Switch Model serves to:

Training Packages
Our training packages can comprise a blend of workshop, bespoke teaching webinars and personal mentoring and coaching support. It offers an optimum approach for the development of a sustainable service and well-supported, resilient workers.

Our bespoke workshops bring the system together to learn about high intensity use services or social prescribing in one day. They offer a brilliant way of connecting High Intensity User Leads/Link Workers, Primary Care Networks (PCNs) and the wider health and care community.

By the end of an interactive and relaxed day, we will achieve a shared vision for your high intensity use service/ social prescribing, generate enthusiasm and energy to facilitate success and help your client-facing team further their skills.

Personal Mentoring

Nothing beats being supported to put learning into practice, and our mentoring days involve Think Out associates, specialists in the Switch Model™,spending the day in the host organisation mentoring the high intensity use workers or social prescribers in their role.

This personal support and real time debrief really cements earlier learning so that the role can add maximum value right from the outset; secure in the knowledge that they are supported by an expert as a mentor.

This can involve undertaking patient home visits, introducing new ways of connecting with care and nursing homes to support multiple patients or supporting the worker to run clinics within a surgery or community setting.

Specialist Coaching

We provide specialist coaching calls to a range of mentees, including high intensity use leads, social prescribers and paramedics. Our coaching packages, delivered over four to six months, are tailored to meet individual needs.

Sessions support workers to problem solve issues as they come up; and they do! Organisations find this support extremely helpful knowing the programme and its workforce is supported and able to hit the ground running.

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