One in six employees will experience mental ill-health this year. Prevention is better than cure, so the Switch Model helps organisations focus on the ‘Six in Six’.

Psychologically, we are hard wired for growth and stimulation so if you want to support your employees to work and live at their optimal self, then investing in Switch Model training is for you.

The Switch Model – a kind, effective approach to switching mindsets and behaviour – enables people to better predict, prepare for, and navigate life’s twists and turns. From there, employees can stave off stress and burnout and make the maximum contribution at work and at home.



We can’t avoid negative events coming into our lives – financial strains, job loss or changes, divorce, bereavement, conflict or rejection to name a few.

But we can affect how we respond and how it makes us feel.

An emotionally agile person isn’t someone who’s immune to stresses and setbacks and always feels happy. It’s someone with critical insight of when situations are controlling them and able to adopt more positive attitudes and behaviour.

When we feel valued and see events through a positive lens, we make more of a contribution at work with higher levels of engagement, satisfaction and motivation. The very things that lead to a healthy and productive relationship between employer and employee.

Who benefits?

Any organisation interested in improving the wellbeing and resilience of their employees, their productivity and reputation;  whilst reducing cost and staff turnover.
All employees to better cope with time demands and situational pressures that may cause stress in, and outside of, the workplace.

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Start Up Workshops
Start-up workshop for all employees to launch the training, signifying the organisation’s commitment to prioritising mental wellbeing.
Switch Model Online Training Course

Access to the Switch Model Online Training Course to build the emotional agility of all employees. The tools and techniques within the course can be accessed whenever they need to unpick a new challenge or issue.

The engaging, interactive learning platform takes individuals through the six elements of the Switch Model®, providing opportunities for self-reflection, growth, stimulation and the chance to press the ‘reset’ button in life. 

The course can be accessed via the Think Outs’ Online Learning Room where employees’ progress on the course can be monitored to ensure maximum uptake and benefit from the resource.


Personal journal
Switch Model self-reflection journal for all course participants.
Coaching Emails
66 days of coaching emails on completion of the course to embed learning and cement new mindsets and behaviour.
Wrap-up Workshop
Wrap-up workshop to consolidate the approach, evaluate progress and ensure sustainability.

Proudly Working Together With:

“This training could have such a huge impact on people if they let it. It certainly has on me.”

“I always think that I’m pretty positive, but I learned a lot about my own behaviours and triggers and that at times I do need to wake up.”

“I’m into the whole mindfulness and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy approach to life and I thought that kept me on a reasonably even keel, but this is a whole new level!”

“It made me realise where my shortcomings are, and that I need to talk to my dog more often!”

“This could have such a huge impact on people if they let it. It certainly has on me.”

“My positive pants are firmly pulled up now!”

“Easy to follow easy paced and very informative it has some really useful tools and reminders to help your mental health and stay at the best possible you can be”

“I found the course enlightening. It has opened my eyes to a whole new perspective for my life.”

“Very clear, inspiring content. Made me think differently about how I act and I want to make changes!”