It’s not everyday, you have chance to spread a good word on prime time TV but that’s where Rhian ended up after a call from Russell Howard’s team interested in her work to pioneer a different approach to high intensity use of services.

Countless phone calls with a lovely bunch of researchers, high intensity use leads and a willing client (thanks Jahanghar) led to a highly enjoyable and exciting filming for the Russell Howard Hour on Sky One.

And some massive outcomes from this film……

  1. Work experience on the film set for Jahangar, the client featured in the show. A big thank you to Russelll and his team for instigating and arranging that.
  2. People stepped forward across the world to offer to set up or support HIU programmes in their area.
  3. Bringing the message of kindness to a new audience. Russell Howard may not be Rhian’s mum’s idea of humour (as she found out on the night!) but the show and the supporting social media shares of the film by Russell reached  hundreds of thousands of people. Sharing the message that we need to look out for each other.

Big thanks to Russell and his team for your great work spreading good deeds.